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INEXport company, s.r.o. has been successfully established on Slovak and Czech market and on the market of the countries of the third world. In export and import, we are global company focusing mainly on Europe and Asia. We dispose with the business partners on European and Asian continent that have local employees.
We cooperate with the highly interwoven network of partner companies, thus providing the best services to our clients, which help them to orientate in specific environment of different markets. We are able to solve logistic challenges within the countries of Europe and Asia. The diversity of our business activity is mainly given by our business team, that is ready to accomplish any of your requests. We are prepared to establish a cooperation with you and to set up logistic activities connected with the import and export of commodities within the countries of Europe and Asia. All of our services are individual and we do provide only those services your company really needs. We are willing to help you finding the solution, that fulfils your specific needs and requests. Conditions and the price of our services are individually negotiated, based on your requests..

Philosophy And Goals Of Our Company

The philosophy of INEXport company, s.r.o. is to accomplish the greatest possible customers satisfaction by offering the best quality services. The quality of sold products is an obvious way for long-term success of a company. We approach each client individually. INEXport company, s.r.o. is the sole representative of producers established on local and global markets with the best references. The goal of our company is to become the leading importer and exporter of different kind of commodities in and out of Europe, thanks to premeditated logistics.

Rich experiences

Every new solution enriches our experience.

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  • Geographical focus on European Union countries and Asia.
  • Accelerated transport of goods within Europe
  • Reliable and fast solution to client requirements and personal access to it.
  • Quality services95%
  • Effective solutions90%
  • Quick delivery100%


Miroslav Marek

+421 944 268 873

Director of the company
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Nguyen Van Tan

+421 907 691 006

Director of the company
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